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Finding solutions through mutual agreement

It’s often said that mediation is better than confrontation.
Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process in which a neutral person, the Mediator, assists disputing parties to clarify issues, develop options and work towards a mutually-beneficial resolution.
It takes an experienced skilled negotiator to make doubly-sure that what is being agreed is fair and equitable.

The mediation process is voluntary and you reserve the right to withdraw at any time. When you litigate, the courts run the show. It takes time, often years, and it can be very costly. People often feel they have lost control of the situation.

In mediation, the disputing parties can speak for themselves and they run the show. As your mediator and solicitor, we are there to support you, present your case forcefully – and to help draft the final agreement reached by the parties which is then enforceable in law.

Mediation is about helping people manage their own conflicts by supporting them in coming to their own resolutions, which in many cases are well beyond the scope of settlements which the courts could impose. There is no absolute ‘winner’ and no ‘loser’ in mediation – the process is much more subtle than that. The solution reached can even help heal or bring closure to damaged relationships.

In many instances, mediation can offer a time and money saving solution to disagreements and disputes. Mediators have been successful in settling all kinds of civil disputes including highly-contested cases having important legal issues, and involving stakes of millions of Euros.

To decide whether mediation is a viable process to solve your problems, why not discuss the matter with our Mediation Team?

The mediation process is confidential and no information obtained can be used in any subsequent Negotiation or legal procedure. The Mediator does not decide and has no authority to do so. The Mediator’s role is to bring the parties together and help them reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

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