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At Monahan Solicitors, we have the qualifications and the experience to guide you to your best advantage through the many legal issues you will have to contend with. Some will be sensitive, some will be serious, and some will demand forceful skills in presentation. In each and every instance, the situation is important to you – and that makes it important to us.

We work as a team, employing our shared talents to deliver the desired outcomes wherever possible. To do that best, it’s good to get to know you. Relationships with Monahan Solicitors build and prosper over the years – we develop a feel for what is ‘right’ – as well as having the legal grounding that enables correct creative decisions to be arrived at.

Please feel free to call any member of the Monahan Solicitors Team – we’re ready, willing and very able to help!
We want to become your partners in law.

Monahan Solicitors.
Your Partners in Law

The legal field can be a minefield. It’s easy to be confused, worried, frightened even. But there is a solution, and it’s our job to find it …

At Monahan Solicitors, we put all our expertise at your disposal in a clear-cut comprehensive manner.
Monahan Solicitors won’t dumb things down, but we will straighten things out. Monahan Solicitors view each issue on its merits and give expert advice on the best course for you to follow. Should you proceed? Should you take a step back? Should you sign, should you sue, or should you settle? How should you plead, and what are the consequences?

Monahan Solicitors listen, and we take the time to outline your options.
Monahan Solicitors are local and proud of it. Our home is Drogheda but our world is the world of law.

Monahan Solicitors promise you a fresh approach, a confidential ear and an expert opinion. We’ll back you every step of the way. We even offer a 24/7 service with a specially dedicated Emergency Helpline – 041 9848 916

Monahan Solicitors
Bringing a fresh approach to law.

At Monahan Solicitors, we adopt a team approach to all matters where we represent our clients. This means that the management of a file is not dependant on any one person – should anything happen to any member of the team, the management and progression of that file will still continue in good order.

Our objective is to act on the matters you instruct us on as quickly and efficiently as possible. Monahan Solicitors aim to build good, strong personal relationships with our clients as this is a vital part of being able to fully understand their business and their objectives.

At Monahan Solicitors you will find creativity, enthusiasm and determination as we strive to find solutions to your legal problems.

After all, Monahan Solicitors are more than simply a firm of high-performing solicitors.
We are your partners in law.

Call us now on: +353 (0)41 9848 916