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Wills & Probate

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Your will is the ultimate expression of how you wish to be remembered.

Every Will needs to be accurate, lawful and expertly drafted … mistakes can lead to family quarrels and expensive legal actions.

Monahan Solicitors Probate Team helps you draft your Will by listening carefully to your wishes. We take everything into account, and explore and explain the various options open to you. Finally, we express your wishes in the form of a Will & Testament in a clear, legal and respectful manner.

We will also advise Executors on acquiring the appropriate Grant of Probate in respect of the estate of the deceased,

If you have assets – be they financial or property or other assets – then ideally, you should consider making your Will earlier rather than later in life; you can always revisit it in the future as circumstances change. Making an ‘early’ Will; is particularly advisable if you have specific loved ones or children you wish to benefit and provide for.

There is no doubt that making a Will offers you the best solution to declare how your assets are to be used for the benefit of your loved ones after your death. If you die without making a Will, your property will be divided by the rules set out in the Succession Act, 1965 and this may not be your wishes.

So avoid the risk of a badly-drafted Will – which can have the result of your family, the people you love most being torn apart for ever.

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When the death of a family member or a friend takes place, it is a very traumatic time. People will worry about how to deal with the property and affairs of the deceased after their death.
Monahan Solicitors offer a caring and sensitive service in relation to Probate matters

Wills & Probate


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